Peer Review Process

Articles submitted to the Journal of Health Science Growth (HSG) will be discussed by 1 reviewer partner who is an expert in the appropriate scientific field (peer review) and the personal identity of the review partner is anonymous to the author. The Editor Team has the right to edit as necessary/outside the contents of the article in accordance with the layout of the journal. All statements in the article are the responsibility of the author. The editor has the right to change the language structure without changing the content. Articles that need improvement are returned to the author.

To avoid duplication, the Journal of Health Science Growth (HSG) does not accept articles that have been published or are being submitted to other scientific journals/media publications, so the author must make and sign a statement letter.

The author sends a softcopy of the article accompanied by a statement that the manuscript is the correct work of the author and has never been published to the Editorial Board. Articles that are sent complete/whole according to the terms of writing and delivery schedule, are published in the form of an ISSN Journal.

Confirmation of loading or rejection of the manuscript will be notified in writing via email. Authors whose manuscripts will be published are given a certificate issued by the journal manager. Manuscripts that are not loaded will not be returned, except at the request of the author. Authors are encouraged to include their complete address, telephone, fax, and e-mail to facilitate communication in the biodata form provided. Further correspondence will be done via e-mail.